Protein alpha-lactalbumin in Breast Milk could be future for Cancer Treatment ?

From recent research and analysis by scientists Cancer killing properties have been identified in a protein found in human breast milk. According to recent studies, cancer cells were killed in at least forty patients with bladder cancer after they were administered with six doses of drug synthesized from alpha-lactalbumin a protein found in human breast milk.

Earlier studies do reveal that breast milk boosts immunity and is superior to cow’s milk. Several reports say that breast milk has anti-inflammation properties and helps killing bad bacteria in the gut. Professor Catharina Savanborg from the Lund University in Sweden recommends a fatty acid called oleic acid was sourced in experimental drug Human Alpha-lactalbumin which is lethal to Tumour cells. Savanborg further told that their team is trying to prove Hamlet’s ability to target specific tumors with minimal or no side effects.

CEO of Hamlet Pharma Ltd, Mats Persson said that the breakthrough showed the future of cancer treatment was bright

The researchers said the finding could be more potential and become an alternative to current cancer treatment options such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Hamlet had the ability to target tumor cells while leaving healthy, adjacent cells unharmed