Playing Famous Mexican Card Game Loteria via Google’s Doodle

We all know about the amazing google’s doodle feature, isn’t it? On December 9, 2019, google’s doodle invited you to play the traditional Mexican card game, Loteria.

Playing Famous Mexican Card Game Loteria via Google's Doodle 3

What is Loteria?

It is a lot similar to the good old bingo. Here individual players will have their own boards and pictures of cards in the deck. From the deck, a card is dealt and the player having that particular on its board will put a bean on the card. The pattern to win that is either a row or a column is decided at the starting of the round. Once that pattern is achieved by the player, they shout “Loteria” or “Buenas” (here in the game version, hits the button Loteria) and he or she wins the game.

Origin of Loteria

Loteria is a Spanish word meaning “lottery”. It was originated in the 15th century in Italy but was brought to Mexico in the 18th century that is, copyrighted on December 9, 1913. Google’s doodle will pair the person with 3 random players around the world wide web or a private match between friends can also be arranged here. Mexican YouTuber Luisito Comunica, is the one who is explaining the instructions and naming the cards in the game. The game’s brilliant art is done by Chabaski, Luis Pinto, Cecelia, Loris Lora, and Vals.

A traditional Loteria deck has 54 cards in it. It has various images of La Bandera (the flag) and El Mel√≥n (the melon) on the cards. Here in Google’s game version, it has added some of its own “El emoji”. It is the second time Google had offered such a multiplayer game in its doodle. Last time it was on Halloween on 2018 doodle. The Loteria multiplayer has an amazing choice of music too. El Buscador meaning ” the search engine” is a type of card not find in a typical game but is found here. If the person wants to have around 2 of the game then it is easily available in the doodle’s archive.