YouTuber turned Boxer Paul Logan responds to rumoured gay sex tape. Is it really him in the tape? Find out here.

A gay sex tape has surfaced featuring some with a resemblance to Logan Paul. Check out his response.

A gay sex video featuring someone with a likeness to the Youtuber turned boxer Logan Paul has put him in a little tight spot. The identity of the person is doubtful as it isn’t if the person in the sex tape is the famous Internet personality or just a lookalike of him.

However, that didn’t stop Logan from deriving fun out of the situation. Displaying his sense of humour and living up to his reputation, the actor addressed the rumour, responding about it, he said that he will release the full tape if he gets 100k retweets, to his 5.2 million followers on Twitter. The tweet has already attracted 20K likes, let’s see if Logan gets his 100K likes.

Logan Paul responded about the sex tape.
Picture- Twitter | @LoganPaul

The entertainer also involved his fellow YouTuber, James Charles in the fun and tweeted, “James Charles ur next.” James Charles is an openly gay star, he shot to fame on the internet with his makeup tutorials. Charles was quick to respond, he cheekily replied that he only goes for straight guys.

While the internet blew up with the debate about the identity of the man in the video, Logan has neither confirmed nor denied it.

Charles has always been controversy’s favourite child. The entertainer who has been single since October 2018 was in a hot soup with the LGBT community when he joked about going gay for a month, for which he was slammed badly by everyone. He was also lambasted for posting a video of a corpse of a man who had committed suicide in the forest of Japan.