Pandemic and Infected: Call of Duty 4 comes with two new modes in its update.

Call of Duty is going to release its new update on PlayStation 4 on August 6, 2019. Published by Activision in 2003, it is a first-person shooter video game. The first part of the game mainly focused on a scene from World War II. The fourth part of the game is launching two new modes in its new update – Pandemic and Infected.

Pandemic is a mode for Blackout players. It will possibly add a more competitive angle to the team-based battle royale game. The rules have changed from “last squad standing” to “last survivors on Earth against an endless swarm of undead at the end of the world.”

Also, the Infected mode will return as Infected. The final Stand will force players to adapt to continually changing gameplay mechanics, though what these could be is left unsaid.

The blackout contains updates such as the sidecar Motorcycle, new weapons, wall buys, enemy types, and easter eggs from Zombies. There are new competitive challenges for Alpha Omega, that is 30 rounds of contests for players to prove their skill in the ‘Duck and Cover’ Gauntlet.

Not only this, the black market has got some of the latest contraband rewards like Ultra Weapon Bribe, new Epic Outfits, and Reactive Camo.

Also, the update fixes a recent issue in Zombies where players were not able to pick up the Shield piece that could appear on the bookshelf in the Library in Dead of the Night.

Black Ops 4 update will arrive first on PlayStation 4 while the PC and Xbox One version should follow next week.

The players who were eagerly waiting for the new update will finally be able to play it. Pandemic and Infected would surely create a blast and would bring a new revolution in the gaming industry.