Orange: The Seventh Volume of manga to Release After a Gap of 5 Years in April

The new Volume of Orange manga will be released soon

The sci-fi romance manga series ‘Orange’ will get another sequel to its volumes. This awaited news was announced by Futabasha (Japanese Publisher). The manga author is Ichigo Takano.

Previously Six volumes had been released. The sixth volume is from a different perspective. That is through other character views. The Character is Hiroti Suwa a friend of the lead character. It was released in May 2017. After five years the series continuation will begin. It is set to release on April 12, 2022.

The message on the back of the sixth volume was left by the author. It states that the fifth volume will have a sequel which is the sixth album. In addition to that sixth volume are extra stories. So, the sixth volume may not be the final volume. These were found on the back cover of the sixth volume. Which happened five years ago. This new volume will make us think in a different way about life.

A word from ‘Orange’ author

Orange prevoius manga

Now the story will move on with a new volume. In this upcoming manga where Kakeru will be rescued. A heart-touching story that will take a special place in our hearts. The thoughts and Kakeru and his friends will be included. This story will change us to protect important people in our lives. Even in Happiness and sadness and some troubled times.

Orange manga

The author said the above words about the new volume. In addition to that this manga focuses on life. It will be under the genre of Slice of Life. The troubles, tough situation while living. The experiences we get will be in this one. The author wants to save someone who is facing these situations somewhere. Now, all we need to do is wait for the new volume to release. Hope it will greet us on time.