“One Piece” : Funimation and Toei Animation to Live stream the 1000th episode of the longest running manga series!

1000 episodes for the win for One Piece!

Funimation and Toei are teaming up for One Piece’s 1000th episode. One Piece is one of the longest-running animes on Tv and it’s been around for 22 years. It will be completing its 1000th episode in a month. One Piece is a Japanese manga series that started airing in 1997. We were introduced to the characters such as Captain Monkey D Luffy and his Straw Hat pirate crew. And now it’s been 22 years that they have been on their sea voyage and their adventures still continue. Ever since then, people have grown loving and have become passionate viewers of the series. 

In a month, the Crew will reach to its The Thousand Sunny on 20th November 2021. It will air on  Funimation in USA and Canada, Wakanim in Germany and Russia, and on different broadcasting in New Zealand and Australia. Luffy has been on an adventure for a very long time. 

One piece
Toei Animation

A special moment for the series

Toei animation CEO and President, Masayuki Endo commented by saying that 1000th is a history-making moment not only for the franchise but also for the millions of fans who have supported the series throughout. He further went on to say that they are excited to air the 1000th episode as a global live stream to celebrate this moment. 

To mark the momentous moment, it will air on YouTube and One Piece’s Facebook page. In addition to this a special two-night One Piece Film: A Strong World will be in select theatres on 7th and 9th November.  

One Piece is produced by Toei Animation and created by Eiichiro Oda. It has around 990 episodes to date. The series revolves around a pirate Monkey D Luffy and with his Straw Hat, they intend to find the legendary treasure One Piece, which belonged to the former King of Pirates Gol D. Roger.