No Oscars for Leonardo DiCaprio; Don’t Look Up Actor Snubbed at the Academy Awards 2022

Leonardo DiCaprio Rebuffed at Oscars

Tuesday marked the release of Oscar Nominations. The list had the names of exceptional performers of 2021. Moreover, “The Power of the Dog” movie had 12 Oscar nominations alone! However, the list has snubbed many top performers. Leonardo DiCaprio’s absence on the list was unforeseen. The actor has worked in Don’t Look Up, Fin, and, The Loneliest whale in 2021, justifying each and every character!

Leonardo DiCaprio
Instagram|Leonardo DiCaprio

Other overlooked celebrities

Oscar is the most respectable award in the film industry. It is a matter of great honour and the concept of Oscars focuses on rewarding seminal performances. However, the snub of actors like Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscar was unprecedented. In a pandemic-affected world, things have shifted in the film industry which has adversely impacted great movies. Moreover, Ben Affleck, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Hudson also faced a snub at the Oscar nomination.

Leonardo DiCaprio missed his 7th acting Oscar

Don't Look Up | Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is a highly celebrated actor. The actor’s role in “Don’t Look Up” as Randall Mindy was an eye-catcher. Moreover, the actor even won a Golden Globe and British Academy of Arts nomination for this role. However, “Don’t Look Up” itself received 4 nominations at Oscar. The 47-year-old-actor has an Oscar Trophy in his name for his role in “The Revenant“. This unpredictable miss was indeed shocking.

Oscar Nominations that failed to meet expectations and Diversity Momentum

The 2022 Oscar Nominations have failed in the eyes of many. The list lacks diversity momentum as compared to last year. Moreover, the list has neglected some great actors and performers which has left us with questions. However, the nominations include some diverse contenders from the queer community and the black community. Furthermore, the list is appreciated by experts but it has somewhat disappointed many. Let’s hope the awards justify all the nominations.