Nigerian singer, Oxlade’s Sex Tape Created Frenzy on Internet

Oxlade’s Sex Tape becomes the talk of the town!

Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, known by the name of Oxlade has created a buzz on social media. The 24-year-old Nigerian singer’s sex tape was leaked online and is being circulated for the past 12 hours. Moreover, the incident is currently a top Twitter trend in Ghana and Nigeria!


From Snapchat to Entire Internet!

The speculations are that the video was first leaked on Snapchat. Following its release, it was shared several times on various sites and finally went viral on Tuesday. Moreover, the video which clearly shows the deed has gained reactions from all over the world!

Oxlade’s name in the Music Industry

The Nigerian singer gained fame after his song “Away” made its way to the top 50 songs on Rolling Stone. Moreover, his collaboration on ‘Non-Living Thing‘ with Sardokie has gained a lot of popularity. The singers’ songs include Pay Me, Frenemies, Shugar, Overdose, Hold On, etc. The singer and songwriter released his famous song Away’s music video in April 2020.


Another addition in the Nigerian Singers Scandal

Apparently, this is not the first scandal among Nigerian singers. There have been previous incidents related to this issue in the Nigerian music Industry. Reportedly in 2021, singer Tiwa Savage faced a similar issue. However, at that time the reaction was on the alleged blackmail conspiracy. Furthermore, the singer has refrained from commenting on the issue.

Tiwa Savage
Instagram|Tiwa Savage

Mixed reaction on the alleged Sex tape

The internet is going crazy over the newly released sex tape. There are obvious comparisons of the sex tape to Tiwa Savage’s incident. Moreover, some are asking for outrage, while some of them find it amusing. Furthermore, the number of memes trending on the topic is phenomenal! The gossip regarding the video will take some time to resolve.