Nielsen’s Ratings Amazes As Daredevil Appears In The Top 10 List, Years After The Series Got Cancelled

Nielsen’s ratings brings back Daredevil with a bang years after the series got cancelled

Nielsen’s ratings throws a light on what audiences love to watch especially the streaming series on different platforms. Surprisingly, this time Nielsen’s ratings for the streaming series had Daredevil listed in it. The chart having the ratings was for the period between 20-26 December last year.

The Matt Murdock series Daredevil evidently gave an indication that viewers are interested to see the character more. But how did Daredevil come up all of a sudden in the Nielsen’s ratings?

Well, you need to read ahead to know more about Mudock’s series making a comeback as the choice of the viewers once again.

Daredevil series in the top 10 list of Nielsen’s ratings

Nielsen’s top 10 rating list for the period 20 – 26 December had series rated from all possible streaming platforms depending upon the likings of the viewers. It was seen that Charlie’s show was on 8th position at the Nielsen’s rating list with about 195 million minutes for all the 39 episodes it had.

But the interesting part was that the series had already got over after its three seasons on Netflix. Surely, that gave an indication that viewers are all again interested in Matt Murdock character of Daredevil.

Spider Man: No Way Home and Matt Mudock’s series connection

The movie Spider Man: No Way Home had Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) in it as the lawyer of Peter Parker. No matter how short was the cameo by Charlie Cox, it had a powerful impact on the audience of the No Way Home movie.

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Marvel Studios

Owing to the success and popularity of the Spider Man: No Way Home movie, it’s believed that the Matt Murdock characters made the series popular again listing it among the Nielsen’s top 10 ratings.

Hawkeye connection with the series’ ratings


Kingpin played by Vincent D’Onfrio was the nemesis character of Matt Murdock. Nielsen’s rating list had Hawkeye on third position with about 938 million minutes for just 6 episodes.

That’s another possible reason why Daredevil appeared with such good ratings again in the Nielsen’s ratings. Hopefully that might give us to see Charlie Cox playing his character again soon.