Here is every update you need to know and our review on the video game “New World”. Check it out.

New World is the new MMO game. Well, it’s unlike the other games that are just survival games, and it’s not free to play. The game also does not take place in space as the other MMO games. It is set up on the earth, and the characters of the game are all human beings. These are some of the few things that separate New World from the other fantasy MMOs.

It seems somewhat relatable to Guild Wars 2 that was released in 2012, and people think that it should have released alongside it, but New World is going to release in 2020. The game is the first-ever big PC game released by Amazon, and hence this has increased the expectations of the fans. 

The game mostly involves weapons, like sword, guns, and bows rather than the usual magical instruments. In addition, perfect aiming and timing, dodge rolls, and blocks are needed for active combat. It is not like the other MMO that basically consists of standing and whacking each other. 

Moreover, it also has a feature of territory capturing in which you can pit against each other. However, it isn’t that much wild if we compare it to EVE Online’s unregulated corporate warfare. But it surely brings such kind of feeling in the world. 

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Even if you are not interested in PvP and politics, you can explore and fight the various monsters in the world. And now comes the most awaited information, that is the release date of the game. Well, you do not need to wait much for the game’s launch. It is gonna release on 25th August 2020. It was originally supposed to launch in May but got delayed due to COVID-19.