New Christmas movie is here- The first look at the Mimi And The Mountain Dragon!

The Christmas special Mimi And The Mountain Dragon is here. Check out all the details here.

It’s the festive season which means it’s the season of beloved animation movies that are created keeping kids in mind but are enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

For the longest time ‘The Snowman’ remained synonymous with the Christmas celebration but this year BBC is getting a new movie, Mimi And The Mountain Dragon, to add into the list of Christmas movies.


The 2D special 25-minute animation movie has been created in the greater Manchester and is the animation adaptation of the book Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Mimi And The Mountain Dragon’. It is inspired by the Switzerland trip that Michael had taken a few years ago and he will be present at the beginning of the movie to give a brief introduction.

Mimi And The Mountain Dragon is here.
Picture: BBC

Explaining the story behind the book, Morpurgo said in a statement: “Many years ago, in the Engadine Valley in Switzerland, I saw village children in red hats, cracking whips, ringing cowbells, banging drums, creating a great cacophony of noise, as they paraded up through the village.” Upon asking why that was happening, he was told that they are driving away the wicked spirits and thus, began his story of Mimi And The Mountain Dragon.

The Plot

The movie narrates the tale of a village in the mountains of Switzerland that trembles in the fear of the fierce mountain dragon. On one winter night, a shy tiny girl named Mimi locates a tiny baby dragon in her family woodshed and decides to undertake the hazardous journey up to the mountain to take the baby dragon back to his mighty fire-breathing mother.

Mimi And The Mountain Dragon is here.
Picture: BBC

The Team

The Academy Award winner Rachel Portman has provided classical music to this adaptation. The music will be performed by the BBC’s Philharmonic orchestra with help from The Hallé’s choir singers and recorded at Media City UK in Salford. The movie animation is based on the original illustrations by Emily Gravetta who is a renowned Children’s books author using the very efficient 2D animation style.


Mimi and the Mountain Dragon will premiere at 3.20 PM on December 26th (Boxing Day) on BBC One.