NBCUniversal has launched an initiative designed to turn TikTokers into its next generation of television creators

NBCUniversal Makes A Development Deals With TikTokers As A Part Of New Initiative

NBCUniversal has launched an initiative where they will help TikTokers into its next generation television creators. NBC Universal has launched a creator accelerator that features 11 social media creators. They will include such high profile TikTokers and help them turn into influencers in future.

Image credits: Official instagram NBC

This is a very new initiative taken by any company. The TikTokers are often not considered as a reputed fame in any industry. Hence this initiative will be very helpful for the people who love creating videos.

The creators who have followers more than 10M followers on social media, they have signed development deals with Universal Studio Group to create original series part of the program.

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In the next twelve months, the creators will have their own NBCUniversal content development mentor to help them in their career. They will have to shoot scripted as well as unscripted content for the studio as well as themselves. They will also have to do pitches in greenlight as well as brand collaborations.

The eleven members which are there in the group are Katie Florence, Daren Girdner, Emily Uribe, Gabriella Carter, Reece Feldman, Charlie Curtis-Beard, Erika Priscilla, Vijay Nazareth, Sara Nahusenay, Francesca Fiorentini and Serena Kerrigan.

NBCUniversal expanding the horizon

Talking about the new venture, Kathy Kelly-Brown, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at NBC, highlighted the importance of social media, and the “world of new possibilities for premium video content” social media has given. She talked about the expansion of “traditional definition of creative storytellers to include young, up-and-coming diverse creators who are releasing original content on social media almost daily.” Talking more about the new venture she said, “NBCUniversal is the first major media company to tap into this new generation of creative storytellers thanks to this new, first-of-its-kind accelerator program.”

Adrennie Bailon and Houghton have been the hosts of the Talent and Development Deal with NBCUniversal.