NBC’s Celebrating Betty White: America’s Golden Girl was a Celebration of the Beloved Icon’s Life & Legacy!

‘Celebrating Betty White: America’s Golden Girl’

American actress Betty Marion White Ludden, passed away on December 31, 2021 due to a stroke. NBC, on January 31 paid her a tribute and celebrated her legacy. The NBC special is called ‘Celebrating Betty White: America’s Golden Girl’.

Some of the biggest names from the entertainment industry performed to celebrate the comedian. Everyone from President Joe Biden to Tina Fey paid tribute. Betty White was the “first lady of television”, with a career longer than 70 years. Unfortunately, she passed away just a few weeks away from turning 100. However she will truly live forever.

Betty White NBC Special Everything you Need to Know
Instagram/ Betty White

The Legacy of Betty White

Betty White appeared in iconic roles such as “The Golden Girls”, “Hot in Cleveland” and “The Golden Palace” among a lot of other shows. She was the first woman to star in a sitcom and  take charge of a T.V. series, the first woman to earn an Emmy nomination. She worked both behind and in front of the camera.

White serves as an inspiration for so many female comedians and actors today. She was an icon in the purest form.

Betty White NBC Special Everything you Need to Know
Instagram/ Betty White

NBC Tribute Lineup

Recently, NBC gave her a well deserved tribute. Joe Biden, Drew Barrymore, Valerie Bertinelli, Cher, Bryan Cranston, Ted Danson, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan were a part of it. People came out and shared their personal stories of Betty White with the world. According to Jay Leno, White loved flirting with men. Tracy Morgan also claimed that he loved that side of hers.

The American singer Cher also celebrated White by performing a rendition of “The Golden Girls” theme song. The documentary also featured other celebrities sharing their anecdotes and then getting emotional. The special was an absolute tear jerker even for the non Betty White fans. She left behind a mark through which she will live forever.