Nam Yoon Su Confirmed For the Upcoming Webtoon-Based Drama

Nam Yoon Su In Main Lead Role Confirmed

A couple of days back, it was in talks that Nam Yoon Su will be taking up the leading role for “Today’s Webtoon” drama. However, it was not confirmed then, but, it’s now confirmed that we will be seeing him as the main lead role for the new drama, The Borrowed Body.” The news has officially announced on 9th Feb. 

Studio 329 will produce “The Borrowed Body.” They also worked on the Netflix series “Extracurricular,” which depicted adolescent social concerns.

Talking About The Story Of The Drama

The fantasy, mystery, and romance drama “The Borrowed Body” follows Sang Yoo, Da Rim, and Ho-Young. Da Rim gets dumped after disclosing her feelings to Ho Young, and she accidentally switches bodies with Sang Yoo. The plot of the drama will be based on the popular Kakao Page webtoon of the same name. The webtoon has over 380,000 total readers and a large fanbase.

Nam Yoon Su
Instagram | Nam Yoon Su

This new drama will not only focus on the fantasy element of body-switching but will also reveal the real emotions and feelings of the young youth. The mystery events that unfold through the anonymity of the internet will also be depicted in the drama.

The Cast Of The Drama 

Nam Yoon Su will play Lee Sang Yoo, a student who has no expectations from his school or his peers. He expects to finish his third year of high school without incident. However, he becomes involved in an unforeseen situation when he switches bodies with his boyhood buddy and crush, Ki Da Rim. He will captivate viewers with his portrayal of the fantasy romance with Ki Da Rim. 

Nam Yoon Su
Instagram | Nam Yoon Su

We will get to see a high school love triangle that includes Kim Da Rim, and Kim Da Ri’s crush Yoon Ho-Young as well. Not only that, but the acting will depict Lee Sang Yoo’s deep wounds from his childhood tragedy. 

Previously, Nam Yoon Su has won the hearts of many by performing in dramas such as “Extracurricular” and “The king’s Affection”.