Multiple Grammy Winner, Christopher Cross tests positive for coronavirus. Find the reaction of the singer on the discovery.


The coronavirus pandemic has caused havoc around the globe. With over one million cases, the coronavirus does not seem to be discriminate against anyone, hitting both the rich and the poor, the famous and the ordinary. And it has claimed yet another celebrity victim, with American singer Christopher Cross testing positive for the disease.

The five-time Grammy winner announced on social media, saying that he’s being cared for at home but that this is possibly the worst illness he’s ever had.

Cross is best known for his hits “Arthur’s Theme ” and “Sailing,” which were both released during the early 1980s. And before Billie Eilish swept all the major awards at this year’s Grammy Awards, Cross was the last person to sweep the Grammy’s with the “Big Four” awards of best record, album, the song of the year and artist in 1981.

The musician has urged the public to take the disease seriously and recognize that COVID-19 is a “deadly illness” spreading wildly across the world. He also advised all the people that are still not wary of the danger of the disease to understand the coronavirus is not a hoax, and indeed very real and dangerous.

Aside from encouraging everyone to educate themselves about the ailment, Cross asked everyone to stay at home and practice proper hygiene. Cross ended his post with a hopeful message that stated wherever you are in the world, let’s all be kind to one another. Only if we work collectively we can defeat this pandemic.

Since the spread of the coronavirus during December of last year, there are more than one million known cases worldwide, and nearly 69,000 deaths. Numerous celebrities have spoken out about being affected by the disease and recovering from the virus; several musicians have also died due to COVID-19. The disease has brought the entire world into a global lockdown and halted the lives of so many people. We hope that these tough times shall pass soon.