Modern Family kills major character and fans are shocked and sad

The famous American television “Modern Family” is running its 11th Season. As the finale approaches, the series unfolds that a major character gets killed.

Modern Family is all about 3 families from California. The parents try to handle their kids, spouse and the jobs funnily and uniquely. This show premiered on the 23rd of Sept, 2009. It is produced and directed by Christopher Levitan (American Broadcasting Company).

Now coming to its 11th Season, the show has never left the comical element and short of hilarious elements. However, now fans are shocked because of the recent death of a major character.

The latest episode ‘Legacy’ aired last night. All fans witnessed the death of Franch Dunphy/ Frank (the character played by Fred Willard). The death was kind of off-screen. Phil, his son (the character played by Ty Burell) was seen offering a eulogy at Franch’s memorial service.

After the release of the episode, all the fans took over the twitter to show their sadness and shocking reactions towards it. They began sharing their thoughts about the tribute.

One of the fans wrote on Twitter that this season made them cry with laughter and with sadness. While another one wrote that this season has just got better and better. One heartbroken fan wrote that why do Tv series do this to him?

Since then, the tweets are getting insane. Some compare the show with MASH. While others said their heart hurts and the death of the character made them cry.

Not only fans but celebs like Sarah Hyland (plays Frank’s granddaughter in the show) also spoke about Frank’s death in the series. She came to know about his death through an Ig story. It is probably a very unusual way to find out about it.

The show airs every Wednesday on ABC.