Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp’s Best Friend Challenge! But is it just friendship? Or are the two dating?

It’s no secret that Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp are friends forever. We have seen the lovely friendship between EL and Will transitioning from onscreen to offscreen and have gone awe over their camaraderie numerous times.

With the wrap-up of Stranger Things season 3 long back and still no concrete update on season 4, we are not left with many sources to know about their whereabouts or connect with or see them onscreen. So, these little glimpses that the cast, particularly Noah and Millie, bestows on fans makes it all the worthwhile.

Several times we have seen how well they know each other, how well they are acquainted with the habits and choices of each other whenever their knowledge about each other has been tested. While we have always believed it to be friendship between the two Stranger Things stars, and it very well might be, but is there a probability of it being more than friendship? Is there a possibility that Millie and Noah have become more than best friends?

Millie Bobby Brown & Noah Schnapp’s Best Friend Challenge! But is it just friendship?
Picture: Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

A friendship test video that Noah had posted on his channel on YouTube showed how in sync the two are who even share the same fond moments. A question was asked that what has been the funniest moment in their friendship and not surprisingly, both of them have jotted down the same answer, “stuck in a chair,” which I believe to be some inside joke between the friends.

In another interview where the kids of the show were being interviewed about each other, Noah knew the correct answer for Millie’s favourite colour which is ‘Purple.’ And when asked to name one quality of each other, Noah appreciated her honesty while Millie finds him charismatic. She fears sharks the most, and he knew all about that. Fans even get to witness little banter between the two when confusion cropped up that ended in Noah joking that he and Millie don’t know each other, only to earn a glare from her.

It’s unclear if there is more than just amazing friendship between the two but it’s definitely clear that Noah and Millie are adorable together onscreen and offscreen and we love them both in the real and fictional world.