Micronesia turned out to be deadly for Rachelle Bergeron who’s mysterious death was the talk of the town!

Rachelle Bergeron, a US-based lawyer, was found dead outside her house in Micronesia.

The lawyer dealt with the cases of human trafficking, and crimes against women were found to be murdered (shot)after a walk with her dog on 14 October. The dog has also been killed.

The 33-year-old Rachelle was living in the tiny islands of Yap situated in the Federated States of Micronesia, which has a population of about 12000 people.

Bergeron was having a stay of four years in Micronesia since 2015.

She lived with her family; her husband is a German pilot who has worked for the Christian missionary group along with their pet dog.

Her mother told the daily that the couple was planning to adopt a local girl whom they found sleeping outside their home.

Bergeron has paid her visit to India also, regarding the cases of human trafficking and crimes against women before going to Micronesia.

The investigations are still on the verge, and arrests have been made according to cops.

The involvement of the FBI has also been done in the investigation.

Though the arrest has been made, Yap governor Henry Falan hasn’t given any clear clarification about how many suspects have been arrested.

Well, it has been said that the next stage of investigation would be court proceedings as the state moves towards the final stage of conviction.

The murder has shocked the people residing in the nearby localities since the area where the murder took place has recorded the least crimes in the past.

Nothing much has been made clear about the investigation; therefore, everything depends on the final judgment of Jury.