Michelle Williams and Patricia Arquette give Powerful Speeches at the Golden Globes 2020

Patricia Arquette and Michelle Williams gave powerful speeches at Golden Globe Awards completely owning the ceremony stage.

Michelle Williams talked about abortion and women rights

Michelle Williams won an award for the category of Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie for her role in Fosse/Verdon. While accepting her award, a pregnant Michelle talked about feminine rights and their reproductive freedom. She said that she has tried her very best to live a life of her very own making and not just a series of events that happened to her. But one that she could stand back and look at and recognize her handwriting all over.

“Sometimes, messy and scrawling, sometimes careful and precise. But one that I had carved with my hand, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose”, she said. Michelle further added that she wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose — to choose when to have her children and with whom.

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams at Golden Globes

Michelle said that things can happen to a woman’s or girl’s body without her choice. Insisting women to vote in the 2020 US elections, she asked them to vote in their self-interest.

Patricia Arquette’s speech

Patricia Arquette also brought people’s attention to the events happening across the globe. Referring to the US being on the edge of war with Iran, she said, “A president tweeting out a threat of 52 bombs including cultural sites”.

Patricia Arquette
Patricia Arquette at Golden Globe Awards

She had won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series, Limited Series or TV Film for The Act. Patricia gave a strong political speech even after the host, Ricky Gervais snubbed everyone to not give a political one. Calling America as a “country on the brink of war”, she asked everyone to give the children a better world. The lady got off the stage requesting everyone to vote for the elections.

Many other awardees took the stage for the night to talk about concerning issues such as Australia bushfires. Ellen DeGeneres offered condolences to all the affected people and animals in Australia. Joaquin Phoenix thanked all who provided support to the sufferers of the smallest continent.