Meghan Markle on Bullying and Prince Harry on ‘Rift’ With William: Revelations From Their Africa Documentary.

A journalist named Tom Brady joined Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their ten-day royal tour to Africa, in which both talked about the future in the public eye, Markle spoke about her race, and Prince followed her mother, Diana’s footsteps.

The tour of Africa was a big step for the royal couple. Post-apartheid South Africa, from where they started tripping. Acknowledging how race and discrimination can affect any couple or community.

According to Brandy, a few days later, the journey took a turn when the couple decided to take legal action against British tabloids.

Meghan said that her friends were very happy, but later, few friends suggested she not marry Prince Harry else the British tabloids would Destroy Her Life. Meghan didn’t get what they were saying at that time. She told Bradby that she’s struggling. She said that any woman is vulnerable when she’s pregnant, and it became really challenging, and when Meghan had a newborn, as a woman, it’s a lot. Later she thanked him for asking because usually, people don’t ask her if she’s okay. It’s difficult and realistic to go through behind the scenes.

She believes that just surviving is not enough. One needs to grow, need to feel happy, and she really tried to adopt the British sensibility of a stiff upper lip.

It was unfair what British media did to her. People said things which were not even true and even they were told it’s a rumor they still were allowed to say them.

She controlled herself from getting emotional and said she tried hard and still trying. Also, it’s alright she has her husband, her baby and it’s the best.

Harry said stuff happens inevitably, but they are brothers, and they will stay brothers forever. Harry said he is in a different way, and so is William at the moment. They are too busy but, he will always be there for William, and he knows William will be there for him too. We have good days and bad days, but he loves William dearly.