Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly are Soaking in Love and Pampering Each Other After their Engagement!

Love birds displaying their love through couple’s pedicure!

The newly engaged pair Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly shared their pedicure photos while enjoying soak bath. The couple’s self pampering pictures are trending everywhere. They have never shy to show their love in public after they announced their relationship in July 2020.

They regularly post Instagram stories with posts and also seen holding each other’s hand in public. This time, on Monday, Megan’s Instagram story of the duo having romantic date in bathtub showing their matching metallic gold pedicures is making fans go crazy.

MEGAN FOX | Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox | Instagram

In the clip, they hold up their feet with the support of the edge of the wide tub, which was adorn beautifully with full of water with rose petals floating on the surface. In the background, Fox and Kelly could be heard laughing as he asked: “What the f— is happening?”

The dreamy proposal

Megan Fox announced their engagement last Wednesday on Instagram, sharing a video of fiancé Machine Gun Kelly getting down on one knee under a banyan tree in Puerto Rico. The post left many fans emotional. The American actress shared the moment with caption saying it holds a significant meaning in their relationship.

Moreover, she captioned in July 2020, when they sat under the banyan tree and asked for magic, it becomes obvious for them to share the pain. Moreover, she added ‘the golden quality time’ together made them intoxicated off of the the love. Even tangled with many hardships and sacrifices, in such a short time they developed such a good relationship she could ever think off.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox | Instagram

She emotionally explained her journey with ‘Born with Horns’ artist and how they together grew in their life. Megan adored his companionship in ups and down , and said a year and a half later, after walking through hell together and  witnessing each others both sad and happy moments, her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly asked her to marry him. She exclaimed she said yes for every lifetime before this one, and that will follow it. To make it more auspicious they drank each other’s blood (1.11.22). Meghan Fox is blushing as whole and couldn’t able to hide her expectations and excitement in her eyes for the marriage to come.