Megan Fox and Machine Kelly are Getting Married in a Dreamy Style! The Adorable Proposal Set Hearts’ Racing


Machine Kelly’s Proposal to Megan Fox set goals high!


Brace yourselves for an exciting announcement. Megan Fox is now engaged to her boyfriend Machine gun Kelly! The big news came out through Fox’s Instagram post. The 35 years old Transformers actress has been dating Kelly for almost over a year. The duo came together for the first time in March 2020 on the sets of Midnight in the switchgrass, when Kelly referred to Megan as his twin flame. After some time, their music video Bloody valentine came out, and they have been together since then.

Megan Fox, Machine Kelly
Instagram | Megan Fox

He asked her to Marry him!

In her heartfelt Instagram post, the actress wrote about their journey since they fell in love and how they faced pains, fears, and sacrifices in that frenetic period of time. The actress’s delight was evident in the way she described how they walked through “hell together” and how she has laughed more than ever in their relationship of a year and a half.

Megan’s emotional post about the engagement has been all over the internet and is gaining so much love.

The two stars have never shied away from their affection towards each other, and have always showcased their love for each other out in the open, in front of their fans and the media. The couple confirmed their relationship in June 2020, in a very open way as the rapper tweeted one of his songs.

Declaring her love for his soon-to-be husband, the actress continued in the post, revealing that she accepted his proposal!

And then they drank each other’s blood

Megan Fox | Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox | Instagram

The couple shared glimpses of their engagement in their respective social media accounts. The rapper along with his soon-to-be bride’s engagement ring, shared a lovely caption, that he would marry her in this lifetime and every life, beneath the same branches that they fell in love under, he asked her to marry him.

The rapper being himself, made it extra special by getting two rings instead of one. One of the rings was of emerald (Megan’s birthstone) and the other was diamond (his birthstone), making the proposal memorable. It is indeed very heart-warming to hear the good news, and fans are going all crazy after hearing about it.

This would be Megan’s second marriage as she was previously married to Brian Austin Green, and the famous rapper’s first. The couple’s feed is filled with congratulatory messages from fans, friends, and all of them are waiting eagerly for their big day!