Mark Lanegan of ‘Screaming Trees’ dies at 57

‘Screaming Trees’ famed singer Mark Lanegan passed away on Feb22, 2022

The acclaimed American singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan passed away on Feb22 at his home in Killarney, Ireland at the age of 57. The soulful singer, popularly known as ‘Dark Mark’ made his debut in 1984 with his band Screaming Trees.

His perfect deep vocals brought him fame starting from early Seattle grunge scene in 1990s to many albums like Scarps At Midnight, Uncle Anesthesia, Ain’t It a Shame, Bed of Roses, Down in the Dark and many more. However, he never seen much limelight.


The reasons of his death is still under wrap. Yet, the main reasons are pointing towards his bad alcohol and drug habits with his ill condition. Moreover, last year, he was diagnosed with COVID on a severe stage. Later, he was admitted into medically-induced coma.

Brilliant singer and writer

‘Straight Songs of Sorrow’ famed Mark Lanegan’s musical journey isn’t quite easy. He struggled a lot to make his place in fans’ hearts. At first, his earliest work with Screaming Trees made him established as a heart-touching singer and song-writer. Some of the major works includes Clairvoyance, Even if and Especially When, Sweet Oblivion, Dust. However, the band disbanded in 2000.

He started his solo journey and collaborated with many other bands like The Jury, Queens of Stone Age, The Gutter Twins, Unkle and many more. During his enthralling journey, he released many iconic albums especially The Winding Sheet, Whiskey For the Holy Ghost, Field Songs, Bubblegum, Somebody’s Knocking, Straight Songs of Sorrow.

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He not only raised his toast in field of singers and songwriters but also was acclaimed writer. His books like ‘I Am the Wolf: Lyrics & Writings, Sing Backwards and Weep, Leaving California and others made an unforgettable imprint in readers’ mind.

In addition, the phenomenal ‘Devil in a Coma’ which he wrote in 2021 brought a fully new chapter to life. The memoir is complied with his struggles; ups and downs; recovery and fight with addictions as well as untold backstories.

Heart wrenching goodbye to the most established singer for generations

Bassist Peter Hook of New Order and Joy Division showed his honor towards Lanegan through a tweet saying the notable musician lived a life one could only dream off. He called Lanegan “a lovely man”. In addition, ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave’ alum Iggy Pop showed his deepest respect and remarked himself as his fan. Following him, Velvet Underground’s John Cale tweeted with sorrow saying he would always in his heart. Moreover, he praised Lanegan’s wild yet true being.