“Lucy and Desi” Trailer : Real love story behind ‘I Love Lucy’

“Lucy and Desi” : Real love story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

‘Parks And Recreation’ credited Amy Poehler is all set to release the documentary of the epic love story behind ‘I Love Lucy’ – “Lucy and Desi”. In addition to this, The movie “Lucy and Desi” is announced to premiere on March 4 on Amazon Prime Video platform. The story focuses on legendry Hollywood star couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. They changed the whole scenario of Entertainment Industry.

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Moreover, the fabulous works of the two outsiders which turn the industry upside down is worth watching. Their tour from scratch to build full kingdom with Desilu Productions which created works like  “I Love Lucy”, “Mission: Impossible” and “Star Trek” is a inspiration to many.

“Lucy and Desi” trailer

The enthralling trailer “Lucy and Desi” released on Monday have many archival clips of Ball. One in which she sighed Work occupied their whole life revealing the ugly tone of every highlighted success story. It also surrounds many good moments and inspiring parts. In addition, it shows how the power of hard work, determination and zeal to change the history. This give rise to a new revolution and deep rooted their position.

Moreover, it includes interviews that contains their love story and lifestyle their daughter Lucie Arnaz mouth. In addition, the show will also include interviews from their son Desi Arnaz Jr, Carol Burnett and Bette Midler who called Ball a fearless and strong woman.

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Deep Dive into the storyline 

Starting from thorny paths to rosy garden, the duo evolved in such way that the whole world mark them as most celebrated ‘Power Couple’ of Hollywood. Amy Poehler’s documentary take viewers on a journey inside the real life struggle of reel life heroes. Moreover, the stories behind their shining success.

In addition, it gives a sneak peeks both sides of the dreamy love story. One hand it talks about their support for each other to fight against gender stereotypes and other hidden obstacles. However, on other hand, the ugly part include divorce and Arnaz’s adultery.

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Amy Poehler’s word

At first, the plot set on the blooming love between the most acclaimed stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Then, it evolves side by side of their relationship with deep rooted stand in Industry both private and business life. Moreover, “Lucy and Desi” director Poehler called Ball as her personal favourite and an inspiration.

She further exclaimed through this she wanted to convey the celebrities are also humans. They haven’t got everything on plate – they have to earn it. Yet, to climb up to such a high level, they have to pay a heavy price.