Lightyear : The Trailer Release by Pixar and Chris Evans’ Voice Made Fans Pulse Racing!

Captain America aka Chris Evans in Lightyear, voicing for Buzz

The whole Toy Story was an exceptionally part of every childhood that has grown up to adults now. No matter what how much we grow up, we will always fall for iconic animated movies like Toy Story. However, the new Chris Evans voice starrer Lightyears is going to be different completely. But, it is still related to Toy Story as the movie is going to be a prequel of it. 

What does the trailer of Lightyear show?

In the trailer, Buzz can be seen wearing his “buzz” creating an iconic spacesuit. As he jets off into the stars, the trailer leaves the mark of expectations. It can be seen in the trailer that Buzz makes a jump from test pilot to space ranger. 

For those who think that it is about the toy Buzz, Chris has a message for them. He has said that the movie is based on a human named Buzz from the toy Buzz is inspired. 

How is Chris Evans is feeling about bagging the role of Buzz?

Chris Evans who is mostly known for his role as Captain America from MCU has never played such a role. However, he said that playing Buzz is like an old dream coming true. He said that many people say that their dream has come true but he has never felt it personally. But, the character of Buzz has made him feel how much he was in need to feel it.

Lightyear trailer
Credit: Instagram | Chris Evans

Chris said that anyone close to him knows that he loves animated films. He said that he still can’t believe that he is finally going to live the character of Buzz. Chris said that he is honored to be a part of the Pixar family. Sarcastically, he also said that watching Pixar developers work every day seems to be a magic that he pinches himself every day. 

Lightyear will be released on 17th June 2022. So, that is a whole lot of time to wait. Apart from Chris Evans, it is expected that more of the cast members will be announced gradually.