Lia Marie Johnson’s erratic Instagram Live stream left fans worried sick

F*** Off,” Lia Marie Johnson screamed to her followers on her live stream

The 23-year-old internet personality, Lia Marie Johnson have fans worried with her disturbing live stream on Instagram. She went live in the early hours of 2nd January in an inebriated state. In her extremely intoxicated state, she yelled “F*** Off,” to her 1.3 million followers on Instagram after they showed concern for her.

The YouTube star had stopped and re-started her erratic Live. Her Live that totaled for about 20 minutes appeared to in a recording studio and was stuttering as she was trying to talk to her followers on Instagram. Johnson was seen kissing a man in the stream outside the frame, believed to be her producer as the loud music played in the background.

Lia Marie Johnson’s erratic Instagram Live stream left fans worried sick.
Picture: Instagram

When realisation dawned upon the man that their intimate moment was being telecasted live, he was heard asking Johnson if she was live on Instagram? Followed by him repeating his question again and again before saying that she can’t be on Instagram because if she was then it is bad. The man had taken down her phone and close the stream before the influencer went live again. The man was heard requesting to turn off the stream as it will affect his work.

The incident sparked lots of concerns among her viewers who asked to call the cops if she needs one and unable to do so herself to which she angrily responded using lots of profanities to not to send any cops to her address.

The issue blew up and the YouTuber again live-streamed later Tuesday to address the issue. She claimed that cops showed up at her door and handcuffed her. Asking fans to back off, she said that she would really appreciate if everyone just took a second to connect to themselves and stop worrying so much about her. She continued that there is no reason to worry for her as she is okay. She just wants to be left alone. And she wants to be left alone for a long time. Additionally, she said that she is doing her show at Selma, and then she will probably f*** off for a few years. So, 2020 doesn’t really exist for her.

She further said that she hopes everyone enjoys their lives. She is sorry that she worried everyone. And requested people to stop calling her and leave her alone. “Please, I will absolutely f*** off from everyone’s lives, the way that you want…. thank you everyone, for your f***ing help,” she concluded.