Late Singer Meat Loaf Makes his Last Appearance on the Ghost Hunters Episode

The ‘Hits Out of Hell” singer Meat Loaf Makes his final appearance on Ghost Hunters episode with TAPs group

Nearly 4 months before his death, Meat Loaf had shot for an episode of Ghost Hunters; his last appearance on the show.

The Final Appearance

A teaser of the episode was released by Travel Channel earlier this week. In the clip, Hawes declared that the TAPS group – involved Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti – “will have somebody going along with us” for their ghost inspection. He then, at that point, revealed that the mystery man is Meat Loaf, referring to the rocker and entertainer as “an old buddy of mine.”

Meat Loaf
Andy Kropa/AP Photo

The video also mentioned the camaraderie between Hawes and Loaf.

“Many individuals don’t really understand with Meat Loaf that he’s been researching cases of the paranormal for quite a long time,” Jason Hawes commented. He concluded by saying, “That really ignited our friendship, and we’ve been hanging out from that point onwards.”

Meat Loaf added, “I am honoured and grateful to Jason and the group for welcoming me out once more.”

The teaser ended with a photo of Meat Loaf and the TAPs group. The Travel Channel paid a heartfelt tribute to Loaf at the end of the video. They captioned the video by saying, “In memory of our companion and individual paranormal agent. We were honored to have enjoyed one final examination with you.”

Meat Loaf and Jason Hawes

Ruling the ChartsĀ 

A week after his death, the singer was seen ruling the UK Charts at number three.”Bat Out of Hell” was at number three and ‘Hits Out of Hell” at number 5, respectively.

Released in 1977, the operatic rock opus initially failed to chart at all and got noticed only when Meat Loaf appeared on BBC Two’s The Old Grey Whistle Test.

Loaf breathed his last at the age of 74 on 20th January this year.