Komi Can’t Communicate Announces Grand Arrival of Season 2 with Stunning Posters Reveal

Komi Can’t Communicate announces season 2 arrival alongside other details

The Japanese manga rom-com Komi Can’t Communicate is coming up with season 2 and the wait isn’t long. Well, it’s time now for the manga lovers to count their days as Komi is coming back with season 2 this year. Certainly, the wait isn’t going to be a long one as the dates have been announced and we have some more updates on its arrival too. So, what’s coming up with Komi Can’t Communicate season 2?

Summer 2022 is locked

Komi Can't Communicate

As the first season of Japanese rom-com gave an amazing storyline to watch, fans of the series have eagerly waited for the second season. Hopefully, we have got the announcement that the second season of Japanese rom-com is arriving only this summer.

To be more specific with the date, April 6th will have Komi’s adventure to go head in time as season 2 will premiere in Japan. Also, the official website of the series has given out some details about the characters who would be starting its fresh and new journey in the upcoming season.

New visual and character for the Japanese rom-com revealed

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While Netflix is having the first season of Komi Can’t Communicate on it to watch. We are yet to know if Netflix will have the second season on 6th April or not. Meanwhile, we have a visual of the second season of the rom-com that has Komi, Tadano and others in the autumn heading to their school.

Surprisingly, we are to have a new character in the upcoming season as Makoto Katai. Beside this, Katai’s character is to be voiced by Shinichiro Kamio. Although, it would be interesting to see how this new character is going to give a fresh storyline.  Also, Komi and Tadano’s equation would certainly take a new turn in the coming season.