Kody Brown from Sister Wives opens up about split from ex-wife Christine- says he’s still grieving

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown opens up about split from Christine

This Sunday we saw a special reunion episode of the reality series Sister Wives. And Kody Brown opened up about the healing process he has to go on after the split between him and former wife Christine Brown.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown
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The Sister Wives star confessed that the process of moving ahead after the split hasn’t been really easy.

The reason behind the split

Kody spoke to host Sukanya Krishnan over what caused the major split. He admitted that he never saw the situation from Christine’s perspective. The 52 year old apparently knew about his ex-wife’s dislike for polygamy. But he behaved arrogantly instead of validating her concerns and offering a solution.

However, the husband of 4 wives was completely unaware of the fact that Christine was questioning the idea of staying married to him, until he saw the episode of the TLC series.

Kody explained that he had heard rumours from his children that Christine wanted to leave him. Even the other wives had an idea about it but he was in the dark. Furthermore, he claimed that this split has been building up for years and Christine was complaining about almost everything in her life.

Additionally Kody said that he always tried to make his ex wife happy but something was always missing for her.

Christine’s opinion on the matter

To look on the other side of the story, Christine made an announcement back in November last year. After being together for more than 25 years, Christine said she had to make the difficult decision. However, the 49-year-old said that she and her ex husband will continue parenting their children together.

Kody Brown on separation
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Referring to the split, Kody said in conclusion that he is angry at the overall experience but gradually, the grief is settling in. He wished his ex-wife a good life ahead but added that he’s still in a grieving process at the moment.