Kim Seon Ho’ Ex-Girlfriend Vows Legal Action Against Gaslighting and Threats by Netizens

Kim Seon Ho’ ex girlfriend is getting death threats

Kim Seon Ho’s ex girlfriend, who recently accused the actor for pressuring her for abortion an other emotional abuse, has stated that she will take legal action against the death threats she is receiving.

Where it all started?

Earlier this week, a woman anonymously claimed to be cheated by an unnamed actor. She accused the actor saying that he forced her to abort their baby with false promise of marriage. She added “he forced me to make the sacrifice because he was sensitive when working on a project and because he was a star”.

Kim Seon Ho
Kim Seon Ho | Instagram

The anonymous woman said that she is going through both psychological and physical trauma due to this. She also claimed that the actor’s behaviour towards her changed after her abortion. She waited for months to get an apology from the actor after they broke up on a phone call but ends up writing the post as he never apologized.

Two days later, on 20th October Kim Seon Ho confirmed that he is the actor the woman is talking about in her post. It caused him a lot of damages. He was removed from “2 Days and 1 Night” show and two upcoming films.

Statement from the ex girlfriend’ agency

At the same day, the anonymous woman’ identity started spreading an she began to get death threats. Referring the woman as “A”, her legal representative said in a statement that A’s personal information are being spread by some media outlets and social media, because of what she is facing attacks and even death threats based on falsehood about her identity and personal life.

Kim Seon Ho
Kim Seon Ho | Instagram

A is currently going through a lot of psychological stress. They said they will do their utmost to protect her and also added “we are informing you of our plans to take all possible legal measures in response to malicious reports, posts, or comments related to “A.””

Seon Ho’ ex girlfriend said that she feels sorry for hurting so many people’s feelings. Also feels bad for the actor as he had to go through a lot of damages because of her allegation. She revealed that she has received an apology letter from Seon Ho and she accepts the apology.