A funny coincidence occurred while Zac Efron was filming his adventure documentary ‘Killing Zac Efron‘. He was shooting in Papua New Guinea while he got ill with ‘a form of typhoid or similar kind of bacteria’.

He was airlifted to Brisbane, Australia with a team of medical experts for a so-called ‘life or death fight’. There he was referred to St. Andrews War Memorial Hospital for treatment. He then flew back to the US after a few days of treatment.

The actor also announced on Twitter about his recovery on Sunday. He tweeted that he did get sick in Papua New Guinea but he has bounced back quickly and finished his amazing 3 weeks in P.N.G. He’s home for the holidays with his friends and family.

The Director of Medical Rescue of the organization that airlifted Efron, Dr. Glenn McKay didn’t respond if the actor was under their custody. But he told them they relieved a US citizen in his 30s from PNG to Brisbane for medical assistance.

The 32-years-old actor will star in the adventure series, “Kill Zac Efron”. He is also the executive producer of the series. It will be a survival series. He will spend 21 days in the remote jungles of the country with just basic gear, survival skills, and a guiding partner.

His Wewak tour guide, Cyril Tara posted Efron’s photos on social media last week. He shared his experience of touring the country. Efron also expressed his views on adventuring. He tends to thrive under extreme circumstances and seek out challenging opportunities on every level. He is excited to explore and discover the secrets of this unexpected adventure.