Kevin Spacey’s New York Civil Sex Abuse Trial Picks up Momentum

Kevin Space Finishes his testimony for the sex abuse trial 

The burning controversies related to Kevin Spacey might have let you into disappointment, but he claims to not to anything wrong in every report. Kevin Spacey is an American actor, well known for his famous films and has also been awarded with two Academy awards and many awards.

It aches to hear something about someone, whom you consider your inspiration. Everything was going smooth till 2017 bangs spacey. Numerous allegations of sexual assault were bombed on his head.

As the #metoo movement took light, many people came forward for justice and one of them was Anthany Rapp. He is an American rapper, and he claims to be harassed by Kevin Spacey when he was drunk.

This scene happened when Anthany was 14 and Kevin happens to be 26 Despite of running from the allegation, Kevin faced the situation and apologizes about his actions. Kevin quoted in his twitter tweet, that he chooses to a gay man, and he didn’t remember the thing happened.

Kevin Spacey’s loss of job, was attracted to a different person but it was never Rapp 

Kevin even lost his job at Netflix series “House of Cards”. He was an active member of the series, but due to his social image being going down, he is losing many projects.

Mixed reactions from the case are observed. Many people are trying to seek justice for Anthony Rapp, and many are supporting Spacey’s kind behavior. Nothing much is clear about the case.

Kevin apologizes for his act

According to the reports, “They told me I couldn’t push back on the story,” Spacey said while sobbing in pain. He clears that he didn’t have any sexual interest in Anthony Rapp. Spacey mentions a different story rather, where he was attracted to John Barrowman when they went to a nightclub. But he denies every allegation regarding Rapp and even said that he had no interest in Rapp’s joining them.

Kevin on regretting his apologies

Rapp’s lawyer took hours in examining Spacey for his testimony. It went smooth and it has been reported that Spacey’s lawyer didn’t cross questioned. Rapp will be given $40 million for damages by Spacey. Spacey regretted his decision of being kind to Rapp’s claim and apologizing to him as he had to bear a lot of loss.

Spacey gets emotional after being blamed by Rapp
Yuki Iwamura/AP

Many still believe that Rapp is the victim while Kevin Spacey’s gesture seems like he is innocent. We don’t know the truth, so let’s keep waiting for further updates.