Kevin Hart bares it all in ‘Don’t F— This Up.’

Kevin Hart’s documentary is on Netflix where he has revealed it all.

Kevin Hart’s documentary is up on its way. The documentary ‘Don’t F— This Up’ is all set to debut on Netflix on 27th December. In this docuseries, the stand-up comedian and actor we know, who is always surrounded by controversies, has shown his completely different side.

The Jumanji actor has addressed all his controversies from being dropped from Oscar owing to his homophobic comments to cheating on his wife to this car accident in September. He has ripped open his heart for all the viewers and revealed some unknown and untouched areas of his personal life. He has talked about the death of his mother in 2007 to his brother’s legal emancipation as well in the six parts series.

The synopsis of the documentary reads, “amid turmoil in his career and marriage, comedian and film star Kevin Hart opens about his personal breakthrough as he navigates crises and fame.”

Kevin Hart bares it all in ‘Don’t F— This Up.’
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In the series, Kevin discusses how his mother’s upbringing methods changed with him when his elder brother, Robert Hart, got on the wrong path from all the freedom that he got from their Mom. The second trailer of the docuseries shows Kevin discussing his family which he hasn’t done much before, and talking about his Mom Nancy and how she handled Robert’s dangerous behaviour growing up.

Nancy Hart was the single parent for the large part of Robert and Kevin’s lives as their father, Henry Witherspoon, was a cocaine addict and spent time on and off in Jail.

Kevin further tells in the trailer that his brother made all the mistakes a teenager could make misusing the freedom by parents. He was in a gang, dealt drugs, and one afternoon, he tried snatching a purse from an old lady which is when Nancy Hart decided that she has had enough. She took him to the court and got him legally emancipated. And she made sure that Kevin never had any free time in hand.

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It was just him and her. She designed his schedule from morning to night. She wanted to keep Kevin off the streets as she figured that way Kevin wouldn’t end up like his brother. There wasn’t any time left for him to do anything except for Hustle. Finally, Nancy’s efforts paid off as her younger son turned out into a fine comedian and a successful character artist with so much name, fame and money under his belt.

This is just one aspect of Kevin’s life that he has shared with us. To know all about the details of Kevin’s life, you can straight away head to Netflix where the documentary is already up. Happy viewing!