Kendall Jenner Grabs Eyeballs with Eye-Catching “Corpse Bride” Look for Halloween!

Kendall Jenner’s new Halloween look

The Halloween season is here! It is the time to witness the mind-blowing look of the celebrities. And when it comes to the Kardashians, every time the sisters amaze the fans with their breath taking looks.

Kendall Jenner Grabs Eyeballs with Eye-Catching "Corpse Bride" Look for Halloween!
Kendall Jenner | Instagram

This Halloween, Kendall Jenner has already revealed her special Halloween look which is the famous Corpse Bride. On Wednesday, 27th of October the 25 years old took her Instagram to share her spooky as well as eye catching look of the Tim Burton’ character and captioned it as “yer corpse bride”. The photo is shoot by photographer and creative director Dana Trippe.

Kendall as Corpse Bride

In the photo, Kendall is seen in white lace lingerie, sheer gloves, and satin Mary Jane platforms. The dainty pearl necklace is making it look more vibrant while the long veil is increasing the dramatic effect of the look.

Also, the pictures are edited so well. In one of them, Jenner’s skin is edited to be blue and some flies are added to the photos to give it a more original look. Also for the edit her legs are appearing longer, and hands are looking elongated.

Kendall Jenner Grabs Eyeballs with Eye-Catching "Corpse Bride" Look for Halloween!
Kendall Jenner | Instagram

The Kardashians are truly devoted to Halloween. Earlier this month Kylie Jenner shared some bloody pictures of her nude and drenched in blood and fake gashes in left arm. And now Kendall took her spooky bridal look to supermodel height.

Jenner’s relationship with Devin Booker

Kylie Jenner wrote in the comment she is obsessed with the look. Also Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend Devin Booker commented on her post saying “don’t forget”.

In the “boyfriend” context, earlier in June the Keeping Up With The Kardashians actress opened up about her relationship when she was asked about her relationship with Booker. She said “He is my boyfriend”. Jenner also added that unlike her other sisters she want to make her relationships private she thinks it works best on her.