Kelly Clarkson to give 5% of her Montana Property to ex-Brandon Blackstock

Clarkson v/s Blackstock

Singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson has reached an agreement with her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock in a settlement over her Montana ranch. In the documents filed in the court of Los Angeles, the two individuals agreed that the Clarkson will be giving about 5% of her property to Blackstock.

In October, the singer-songwriter was granted complete ownership of her property in Montana, however in December 2021 she lost a legal fight against Blackstock to have him evicted from the property completely.

kelly Clarkson Brandon Blackstoc

Complicated History

The 39-year-old singer filed for a divorce from Brandon Blackstock her partner of 7 years in 2020 and since then the two have been in and out of court hearings for their divorce settlement over finances and property disputes.

Back in July 2021, the “Because of You” singer was ordered to pay Brandon Blackstock, her ex-husband and former manager $200,000 a month in spousal and child support, however Blackstock had initially asked for $436,000 a month. Later, in August Clarkson was declared a single women, when her marriage was legally dissolved by a court, after over a year of formally filing for their divorce.

kelly Clarkson Brandon Blackstoc

Recently, Kelly Clarkson conceded to give her ex-husband 5.12% percent of the property, equalling $908,800 of its total $17,750,000.

Blackstock, 44 had been living on her property and said that he, himself did not have any financial means to afford a residency of his own, at the time, indicating the financial tensions between the two.

Kelly Clarkson Brandon Blackstock
Instagram/ Kelly Clarkson

When Will This End?

This issue was raised during a virtual hearing hearing as Blackstock refused the empty the residency Kelly Clarkson shared with him. It might seem like this situation is over but another hearing will be held in February as the two parties still haven’t reached an agreement regarding their property and finances and then again in June 2022.