Kanye West’s Clash with Pete Davidson over Kim Kardashian Intensifies Publicly

Kanye West is unhappy about Kim & Pete

The Rapper Kanye West is being active on Instagram recently. We know that Kim and Kanye got divorced recently. They’ve moved on in their lives or at least Kim has. Kim and comedian Pete Davidson are in a relationship since Nov 2021. This news was confirmed after Pete called Kim his Girlfriend. Kanye was also spotted with Actress Julia Fox, however they broke off shortly after.


Kanye through his Instagram posted many images containing comments, texts, memes; all this related to his Ex-Wife Kim Kardashian and Peter Davidson. The Saturday Night Live star is referred to as ‘Skete’. He also told that Super Bowl brings families in one place. And told to hold your partners tight because there is a skete lurking in the streets and walking around in Calvin Klein.

In Addition to that, he wrote in all caps that to always remember that Kanye is Kim’s biggest W. He wished that to be with his wife and his children sitting at a 50-yard line.

kanye west and kim kardashian
Instagram | @kimkardashian

Kim and Kanye exchanging texts

He also posted the texts he got from Kim. She expressed concern about Pete might get hurt due to all this in the text. She also texted that it is scary out there. Later Kanye posted this chat screenshot along with it a meme about that saying not to hurt Pete and he will deal with it himself.

After that Kim again texted him asking why can’t keep the conversations private. He then replied that he is very happy to get a text from his favourite person and said that he is her number 1 fan. Pete in the show said that he’d never come in the way of Kim & Kanye children. Kanye responded that Pete will never meet Kanye’s Children.


As of the latest Kanye album Donda 2, He posted a handwritten note saying Kid Cudi will not be in the latest album. He expressed it by drawing a cross across the Cudi face in a pic. Because he is friends with You-Know-Who(Pete). Now Kanye deleted all the posts regarding Kim. The list goes on and on. We can understand that Kanye wants to reunite with Kim again. Let’s hope everything will be alright!!