Kanye West Stirs New Allegations Against Kim Kardashian; Pete Davidson Comes in Support of his Girlfriend

Pete is In Support Of Kim

Recently, Pete Davidson broke his silence on the allegations on Kim Kardashian by the American rapper Kanye West. Kanye had critiqued Kim on her parenting ability while being a mother of four.

Kim Kardashian with her children
From Twitter@KimKardashian

The online conversation between Pete and Kanye was shared by Pete’s friend, Dave Sirus.

Their Heated Online Conversation…

Early morning on 8:00 am. Pate broke his silence and wrote to Kanye by introducing himself as Skete. He asked him to calm down. After that, he said that Kim is the best mother he has ever met and whatever she does for her kid is totally amazing. Further, he starts abusing and call Kanye lucky because Kim is the mother of his children and he won’t allow him to treat her like that.

Thereafter, Kanye replied him by asking where is he (Pate) and highlighting the fact that Pete was abusing.

To his question, Pete’s reply him by sending a picture of his bare body with tongue out and a sign of peace.

Their conversation got heated up and with profanity they started to communicate. Pete asked him to meet since he was in Los Angeles and not to hide behind internet and talk face to face. Further, he claimed that he (Kanye) does not scare him. Thereafter, Kanye invited him to meet to his Sunday service and clear it out. Countering his offer, Pete asked the rapper to meet him at Beverly Hills Hotel.

Chat between Pete and Kanye
From @davesirus

Concluding his lengthy message, he said that he can understand Kanye mental health. Further, he has got his back even though they do not treat themselves in a good manner. Continuation to that, he said that he has endured since last 6 month but not anymore.

About The Evidence

The images of the chat was deleted but TMZ has assembled all the images in his gallery and shared them in both of their reporting. Further, Kanye also posted videos of since-deleted videos with Kim and proof that Kim used to keep their children away from Sunday service.

Comments on the case are still upcoming.