Kanye West Slammed for Inviting Marilyn Mason to his Sunday Service Event

Kanye West is under fire again

Looks like Kanye West is in the news again and this time, not for the right reasons. The rapper came under a lot of fire when he hosted his Sunday Church Service. He invited Marilyn Manson to his live stream event on Sunday. This sit didn’t go well with many of the people calling out Kanye and he faced a lot of backlash and criticism. Fans were angered by Manson’s appearance in the event. The event was joined by singer Justin Bieber. 

Marilyn Mason is currently facing many sexual assault allegations from multiple women. This drove fans mad and they made the criticism. He was slammed for inviting and showing support to Manson. Manson has denied all the allegations against him in a statement. He was accused by actress Evan Rachel Wood and Game Thrones actress Esme Bianca who filed a lawsuit against him. 

Kanye West Slammed for Inviting Marilyn Mason to his Sunday Service Event
Credit: instagram/Marilyn Manson

Not the first time of backlash

This is not the first time Kanye has faced backlash for inviting Marilyn Mason to one of his concerts. He called him to a listening party of West’s album Donda at Soldier Field in Chicago. Mason also has received credits for writing two songs, Jail and Jail Pt 2 on the album. Evan Rachel Wood slammed this by taking it to social media and told all her fellow survivors who got slapped by this, hold on, I’m with you.  

Credit: still/Press

Justin Bieber was also present in the Sunday event and was also seen performing with Roddy Rich. Justin, Kanye, and Mason, all three of them at one point, were seen praying together in a circle. West also informed his fellow fans on Saturday, that he will be performing for the first time in 18 months.