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Kanye West shows his support for Taylor Swift regarding the Scooter Braun Feud and says he deserves all the rights! Check out to know what we are talking about.

Kanye West has had a moment of anger and frustration with Taylor Swift in 2009 when she had won an award for her songs that were at the peak of being liked by the public. At that time, while she was collecting the award, Kanye was on the stage with her and he stole the mic from her to appreciate Beyonce and call her songs the better ones. This took the whole social media and other networking sites on fire as fans of the two were commenting on their star’s behalf. Not that the circumstance was under the control of them, but also that the incident took enough coverage that even if the two wanted, they couldn’t have done much about it due to the embarrassment that followed.

What has happened in recent times?

Taylor Swift has not been devoid of problems to tackle in her life, with her performance coming to a standstill after she was stopped by Scooter Braun and that feud took her personal space when she was not even allowed to perform on her own songs as was objected against the same. This was a moment of discomfort for Swift as not only was she denied performance, but also on her own creation of songs which she didn’t like.

To everyone’s, especially to Taylor’s surprise, Kanye came out in her support to provide support to her and provide her with a helping hand. This was the need of the hour as she was in dire need of the same. Despite the previous conflict that they were in, the act of kindness by Kanye would be remembered by her and the people who follow her. These acts are needed by all in the future as well.

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