KANYE WEST has a Major Fall-out with Sportswear Giant, ADIDAS

Kanye West Endangers Crucial Business Partnership After The Recent Controversy

In 2016, Kanye West, an American musician, songwriter, and amazing fashion designer, partnered with Adidas to produce, manage, and distribute the shoes and clothing under his Yeezy label.

Kanye West
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What went wrong?

Regrettably, West soon began to voice his displeasure and accuse the company of stealing his ideas, employing his staff, excluding him from decision-making, and postponing his collaborations with Balenciaga.

Later, he attacked the business and the CEO of Adidas on social media by posting images of the board members and propagating a fake rumour about Rorsted’s passing.

Then, during Paris Fashion Week, he garnered significant media attention for donning a T-shirt that read “White Lives Matter,” which was interpreted as a racist retort to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Despite receiving criticism for this, West stated that everyone knew that Black Lives Matter was a fraud in a post on October 4.

Kanye West
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After that incident, Adidas released a statement claiming that the company is all about being innovative and assisting athletes and artists in attaining their vision. They also acknowledged that the Yeezy partnership was the most successful collaboration in their industry’s history. However, they have decided to put the partnership under review after working tirelessly to resolve the issue privately. They will co-manage the product during this review.

After this announcement, Kanye West aired his thoughts on an explosive Instagram post in which he claimed to represent adidas before deleting it.

Kanye West
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What was the loss that both parties will experience as a result of this outcome?

Adidas will miss Kanye’s cool factor as a result of this fallout because his brilliant thinking attracted a lot of customers and fresh ideas.

Kanye West
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Even though Kanye West is extremely well-known, starting from scratch would be a difficult task because he would need retail infrastructure, staff, and other members’ assistance in order to translate his ideas into production, manufacturing, development, distribution, marketing, and distribution of his products; and managing finances would also be a challenge.