Kanye West aka Ye Loses his Instagram Account Over Problematic Posts

Offensive posts lead Kanye West into trouble again

Kanye West is well known celebrity in the Hollywood town. He is a bold rapper and has also been through a lot of criticisms lately. Recently, he got into a trouble due to his offensive posts on Instagram and twitter.

Kanye West and Chaney Jones_
Chaney Jones/Instagram

This happened on late Saturday when Kanye West tweeted a statement which was declared offensive by the community guidelines of twitter.  A tweet by him on late Sunday said that “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”. This tweet by him very directly refers to the U.S. Military readiness condition. This tweet was later recovered from the internet records of twitter.

In the same tweet he also continued the statement saying ” You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda”. This tweet was immediately removed by the twitter media. All this happened on twitter which lead to the suspension of his account on twitter.

kanye west
Source: AP

Earlier in October, Kanye wore a shirt in Paris Fashion Week which said “White Lives Matter”. Many people found it to be offensive. The well known rapper Sean Diddy posted a video commenting on that saying he didn’t support that and also urged people not to buy it.

Kanye West’s offensive post

On Instagram, Kanye posted a screenshot of conversation between him and Diddy and Ye said that Diddy is being controlled by Jewish people. Due to all these controversies Kanye’s Instagram and twitter accounts were suspended on Friday by keeping in mind the community guidelines of Meta. The posts done by the rapper are not visible lately.

After all this, people are commenting on how Elon Musk wants Instagram and twitter to be a place where there is full freedom of speech. Even though Kanye has no issues over this. He has no reaction on this yet. Fans are waiting for his reaction.