‘Jumanji: The Next Level’ stars left fans stunned at Los Angeles. Check out the reason and fans’ reaction

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart surprised the fans. Check out the reaction of the crowd!

Jumanji: The Next Level, sequel to 1995 Jumanji recently hit the theater on 13th December in the USA and on 5th December in Asian countries. The sequel starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart has already struck a chord with the audiences. The actors decided to give a little treat to their fans. The duo casually popped up in a random theatre in Los Angeles and left fans stunned with their huge surprise.

Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ took his Instagram to share a video of their little visit that left the fans shocked with happiness. The duo entered and spoke to the crowd from someone behind the stage before coming in front of them.

It was Kevin Hart who first addressed the crowd, “Good Evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to AMC Dolby Cinemas” and probably dropped a little hint for fans about the upcoming thrill that awaited them.

Fans were twisting and turning on their chairs with delight to find the source of that voice when they were requested by him to put off their phones and provide undivided attention to the movie.

This was soon followed by Dwayne Johnson greeting the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is Dwayne Johnson,” which caused the audience to unsettle even more and hooting for their favorite star. Being true to their characters in the movie, Franklin and Smolder engrossed in a playful banter almost immediately to entertain the crowd before the movie. The almost 4 minutes long video had several entertaining moments for the crowd in the theater and fans all over the world; one particularly being the two stars fighting over the milk duds and popcorn; asking others to stay away from the things for some hilarious reasons.

Finally, what must have felt eternity to the fans, their favorite stars appeared in front of them, to loud cheering and hooting from fans. Johnson and Hart greeted the crowd again and thanked them for all their love and support to them and their movie. However, that was not all, the fan even received a little memento from Dwayne, a Jumanji Swag, and further even did his quintessential ‘eyebrow’ for them. It was to show his love for them and that he loves them more than Kevin, he joked. And Kevin wasn’t far behind, if Dwayne got them movie goodies then Kevin got them snacks that they could enjoy while watching the movie to show his superior love for the fans. The fans were left to watch the movie after this while they relish all the gifts from the Jumanji stars.

Jumanji: The Next Level stars surprise fans.
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Remembering the priceless reactions of fans, Dwayne wrote in his post that these such kind of stuff are always best of his job, Dwayne expressed his gratitude for such experiences. It was indeed a memorable experience for the stars and fans alike.