Johnny Knoxville Recalls Doing The Deadly Stunt For Jackass Forever Leading to Head Injury

Johnny Knoxville recalls getting brain damage while doing the Jackass Forever stunt

Stunts look good in movie but they are often really tough for the stars who perform it. That’s what happened with Johnny Knoxville too. Johnny Knoxville was recently seen remembering a stunt he performed for Jackass Forever. The stunt of the movie went totally wrong causing him lot of trouble after it.

Knoxville recalled all his experience while undertaking the tough therapies and getting depressed over the incident.

Johnny Knoxville got hit by a bull

Johnny Knoxville
Instagram / Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville went on to share his experience of doing a stunt for the movie Jackass Forever. The actor recalled how he was hit by a bull and it left him go up in air after that and falling down with brain damage.

The Jackass Forever Actor described how the stunt went wrong and left his bones broken. Knoxville said that he broke his wrist, ribs and suffered a brain hemorrhage after that. He went on to say how horrible it went with the therapy when he got depressed over his ailment.

Jackass Forever is the last movie by Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville

Evidently, after having a tough time with the Jackass Forever, it’s final that it caused Johnny a lot of trouble. Jackass Forever productions even had to suffer a loss of $24 million for the medical purpose. Johnny shared that he found himself unable and troubled to do the editing work for Jackass Forever too.

The actor mentioned recalling his stunt that his family was unhappy with the stunt. He has made it final though that Jackass Forever would be his last Jackass franchise movie. Nonetheless, Knoxville is completely healthy after all the therapies he had to undertake after the infamous stunt.

However, Jackass Forever is now all geared up to hit the theatres on 4th Feb this year.