Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trials are getting delayed yet again and it seems a new controversy is brewing! Check it out.

The secret to a happy life is to have happy relationships in life. Anyone married or single must maintain a good relationship with others who are around them to the best of their capability. Anyone who is not happy in life with the people around them can not stay happy for a much longer time. When things stop working well in a person’s life, some complications get arisen in their lives and that causes the troubles in their happy life.

This is something that has been proven by science with facts and has been experienced by people in life. One only needs to observe things that exist around them. the fact that they live in denial is the reason for them not being able to figure out the wrong or incorrect things that happen in their lives. 

What is the scenario of Johnny Depp and Amber’s case?

The two were happy couples until some news about differences arose in their happy married life. The two had a good life to live until their marriage started showing disturbances that went out of their respective control and needed judicial interference. While the two claim differently, the reason why Amber started or filed the case was due to domestic violence that the Caribbean Sea series star, Depp has refuted all the time he was asked for it. Currently, they are undergoing a defamation case that has to be sorted between the two where Amber had filed that complaint against him in return for the monetary penalty. News is that Depp has tried to stop the proceeding of that case against him in every way that he possibly could. The developments in this case are what Hollywood is up to.