Jensen Ackles Upsets onscreen Brother Jared Padalecki by Keeping the Supernatural Prequel a Secret

Supernatural prequel secret upsets Jared Padalecki

Jensen Ackles felt bad for upsetting Jared Padalecki but he never meant to keep the Winchesters prequel series a secret. Moreover, he add his heart sank for his onscreen brother who only came to know about Winchesters prequel series after it’s announcement.


Jensen Ackles stressed upon the fact that Jared Padalecki was always his “number one” people’s list with whom he would happily like to share about Winchesters prequel series which is his first time in the field of production.

” Extremely Superstitious”

The Winchesters is his first so he didn’t want Jared Padalecki to jinx it. He added that he is “extremely superstitious.” Moreover, Ackles elaborated this point with the last week’s miscommunication on ‘Inside of You’ Podcost of Michael Rosenbaum.

Ackels too noted that it’s a unvoiced rule behind every deals done is not to talk about it deal until it’s finalized and the ink has dried. As this is instrument for his production future so, he wanted to keep it to few to avoid bewitching it at any cost. The actor exclaimed the people who needed to know were already well informed.

What actually happened ?

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Back in June 2021, Deadline reported about the show for the first time. Ackels said that he collected the show’s first script and it’s still in its early stage of Production. He had added excitedly that he can’t wait to share this news to tell people especially his on screen brother Jared.

Ackels recalled that after the news broke out, he had no idea about it at first. He was too busy with the production. And, by the time he reconnected to the world, the social media was drowned with lots of congratulatory messages.

However, all the happiness became sour when Jared tweeted Ackels best wishes, however, claimed sorrowfully he would be much more happy if hadn’t heard via Twitter.

Jensen Ackles Upsets onscreen Brother Jared Padalecki by Keeping the Supernatural Prequel a Secret 1

Still brother

The relationship between Ackels and Jared has always been amazing. So, Ackels expects everything will turn out great at last. Jared too seconded him saying ‘they’re always brothers,’ and hopefully seen together for Ackels’ directed Walker 2 episode.