Jennifer Lopez’s AMA Dress Clashed With One Of Beyoncé’s Attire And Fans Were Quick To Notice That!

It seems like another celebrity has recently been accused of copying one of Beyonce’s attire and it seems like it was a mere coincidence that both the dress are so very similar to each other.

Some Fans Noticed Jennifer Lopez’s Dress Similar To That Of Beyonce!

It was the much awaits American Music Awards night and Jennifer Lopez gave a breathtaking performance along with Maluma. However, the sultry black dress that Jennifer Lopez wore for the performance had an uncanny resemblance with Beyonce’s dress for her performance on Drunk in Love at the 2014 Grammy Awards. The whole short wet hair and black sultry dress were too similar looking and it immediately caught all the fans’ attention and some thought it was a good way to pay homage to Queen B. Whatever she wears truly becomes popular for sure.

This is not the first time both the singing sensation’s attire had been quite similar to one another, while some people called Jennifer Lopez out for copying the dresses, fans soon came in her defence clarifying that that’s how she looks in the MV for that song.

Some Called Jennifer Lopez Out For Copying Beyonce!

A few weeks ago, even Kylie Jenner was called out for doing a photoshoot in a leopard print dress that was way too similar to an attire that Beyonce wore for one of her musical tracks. Queen B is all about creating a fashion statement with one a kind sense of style.

However, the whole attire resemblance might have been a coincidence. We do er what the leading ladies has to say about this happy coincidence that left fans all stunned. Both the performances were pretty impressive.