Jeff Zucker and Allison Gollust 20 year secret affair is out; Zucker quits CNN

Jeff Zucker and Allison Gollust secret affair is revealed!

CNN President Jeff Zucker resigned from his position on Wednesday shocking everyone. The reason behind this abrupt resignation is that his years long secret affair with colleague Allison Gollust is finally out in public. This news came to light as part of of an investigation into ex anchor Chris Cuomo.

Jeff Zucker
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According to the insiders, the employees of the famous news network had an idea about the ongoing romance between Zucker and the CNN Chief marketing officer.

The duo confirmed their consensual relationship on Wednesday morning.

How did the romance between the colleagues blossom?

The secret affair between the two has been going on for about 20 years!

According to Jeff and Allison’s claims, their romance started during the pandemic. However, inside sources at CNN claim that this “open secret” has been going on for years.

Allison and Harvard graduate Jeff met each other for the first time when they both started working at NBC. Allison joined in 1996 and became the senior publicist for the Today show a year later.

Zucker and Gollust
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In 2010, both of them left NBC within months of one another. Even after that, both of them remained very close. In fact, Jeff struggled hard to help Allison get a job on Katie’s show while he was working there.

The duo reunited at CNN

In late 2012, Jeff joined CNN and became the President of the network on January 1, 2013. Not-so-surprisingly, he hired Allison soon after as senior Vice President of Communications.

Both of them even live in the same apartment building with their families. This was until Zucker sold his house in 2020 after splitting with his wife Caryn Stephanie Nathanson in 2018. The reason behind the split was reportedly due to the couple drifting apart.

Jeff and Caryn Zucker
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On the other hand, Allison separated from her husband Billy Hult 12 months after Jeff and Caryn’s divorce was finalized.

According to sources, the intimacy between Allison and Jeff also played a part in their failing marriages.

They finally went public with their romance

Allison revealed that when the pandemic hit, their relationship took a romantic turn. She further commented that she will still continue her role at CNN and expressed her disappointment that they didn’t disclose the news sooner.

Allison and Gollust
Jeff Elbaum

The 20 year secret affair is finally out in public. However, the members of the network expressed their disappointment of losing such a talented employee because of a private relationship.