Janet Jackson Defended Justin Timberlake, said they’re “Good Friends”

Janet Jackson’s “Good Friends” comment on Justin Timberlake shocked fans

Janet Jackson’s comments Justin Timberlake on their friendship has shocked the fans. After the fallout from the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show, this is the first time Jackson took step to clear the air. In her new Lifetime and A&E documentary ‘Janet‘, she stressed upon many half and concealed truths revolving big controversy.

Janet Jackson’s documentary ‘Janet’

In Janet Jackson’s documentary ‘Janet’ , she revealed many unknown truths that are concealed about her heart-wrenching struggles as a iconic pop star. Moreover, She addressed the controversy about the wardrobe malfunction during her 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show. The controversy rolled around the unfortunate event which partially exposed Janet’s breast accidently.

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“Rhythm Nation” and “Black Diamond” star singer unfolded all the events related to incident and its aftermath. Furthermore, she took long time of her show’s special episode to pour oil on troubled water on her friendship with Timberlake after the fallout. She shocked viewers saying they are ‘very good friends’ and ‘bygones are bygones’.

Timberlake’s Post and Jackson’s Statement

When the incident happened, Timberlake and Jackson were performing together on stage. So, many fans and viewers expected Timberlake to Jackson’s side when the news took a horrible shape. However, the singer’s silence in this heart-breaking situation broke the hearts of fans. For many following years, he is always blamed and sworn for his double-standard attitude.

This case once more came into limelight after “Justified” singer Timberlake posted a ‘sorry’ post on Instagram. Through this, he apologized both iconic singers Britney Spears and Janet Jackson for not supporting in the meantime.

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Later, In the documentary’s interview, Janet exclaimed what happened was not the right thing but blaming Justin Timberlake for it is quite a bit more. In addition to this, she silenced the big mouths with her sincere words of friendship with Timberlake.

She highlighted they have already moved on from the incident a long ago and requested everyone to do the same. Besides, she revealed that she denied Timberlake to have a stand when he asked to support her in public.