Jamie Lyn Spears Talks About Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake’s Infamous Split

Jamie Lyn Spears spill the beans on Britney and Justin Timberlake’s split

The whole world knew when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake parted their ways after their publicized relationship of 3 years in 2002. Jamie Lynn Spears, the younger sister of the Toxic Singer recently spoke on the infamous Justin and Britney split in the podcast episode of Call Her Daddy.

Jamie was seen spilling the beans on how the split affected her sister even though the sisters don’t exactly share a cordial relationship.

Spears sister feud
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Jamie Lynn Spears on Britney-Justin split

Jamie Lyn Spears attended the two part episode of the podcast Call Her Daddy, where she was being asked by the host to have a say on Britney Spears. The younger Spears then went on to say that her sister was left heartbroken because of her split with Justin Timberlake.

Jamie even said that the Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake was all hinting on Justin and Britney split. Lyn admitted that she felt bad after the song Cry Me A River.

The infamous split 

Justin Timberlake
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Britney and Justin began dating each other in 1998. However, three years later they spilt with no cited reason. Justin after that released his solo hit song in 2002 Cry Me A River. It was the same year he had split from Britney Spears.

Justin Timberlake had a documentary titled Framing Britney Spears where he admitted to have slept with Britney. He later apologized for all that to Britney.

Justin Timberlake
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Jamie Lyn Spears and Britney Spear’s relationship

Despite being sisters, the recent revelations made by Jamie on her sisters split didn’t go well with sister. Britney went on to say that younger Spears was trying to highlight the things exaggerating the whole split of hers to gain fame for her book Things I Should Have Said.

It’s evident that Britney’s relationship with her sister isn’t going well and they are not on talking terms with one another. However, the popstar has opened a path for reconciliation by the means of her open letter.