Jamie Foxx took charge and spoke to the crowd about the brutal incidents that took place during San Francisco protest.

Oscar fame, Jamie Foxx has now created trouble for the police. This is because he has taken to the streets to showcase the ruthlessness of police. The police has been treating the blacks with utter brutality. The situation is prevailing since the death of George Floyd, a black.

As he tended to a group in San Francisco, the Oscar-winning on-screen character said he was “running out” of things to educate his nephews and girl concerning how they ought to carry on around the police.


He included: “It should not be that way. It shouldn’t be that path in America 2020.”

Mr Floyd, who was African-American, kicked the bucket a week ago after a white Minneapolis cop stooped on his neck for a few minutes. Which led to his merciful death on the spot.

Foxx says that once the things calm down, take a proper action against the guilty policeman. This must be taken into consideration as soon as everything returns back to normal.


Talking outside San Francisco City Hall, he included: “What I am stating is there must be an obstruction.

“On the off chance that that man can be cuffed and that man can sit on that man’s neck for that long and feel great about it, that implies he’s not terrified of what will occur.

“We need to change the language. They must be concerned that ‘I could go to prison for this’.”

Foxx included: “They need to regard us. They need to cherish us.”


He called for individuals to “keep the weight” on the police, including: “We’re serene yet we are forceful. We are forceful.”

Foxx has been visiting the US to join a lot of peace conventions challenging the actions of police.